Krannert Partners Association


Krannert Partners Association is a group of spouses, boyfriends/girlfriends, and partners of Krannert students who network with others while here in the Greater Lafayette area. KPA is run by the spouses with student contacts serving as channels to broadcast and support the activities. Both students and partners are invited to all of our functions.

For couples without children, it’s a great place to meet other couples who you are compatible with. For families with children, it is a place to establish babysitting networks, make friends and meet friends for your children. For students away from their spouses while here, it can be a valuable support group with others in similar situations. We host events for all interests. We have a cooking group, book group, playgroup, game nights, as well as hosting social events like going out to dinner or visiting museums.

Whatever your interests are, this is the place for you. You will be welcomed and will enjoy yourself. If we don’t have an activity planned that you are interested in, we can plan it! This club is for you. Your time here at Krannert is what you make of it, so let’s make it good!


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