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Cooking is a lifelong skill that can bring enjoyment and satisfaction to anyone, but unfortunately there are many that have not had the opportunities to grow that skill, or are too intimidated by the process. KGCC is meant to help individuals overcome their “fear” of the kitchen and experience all that the world of cooking and food has to offer.

Our Mission: “ To encourage people and give them the opportunity to embrace a new lifestyle in the kitchen and allow students to get  more involved in the world of cooking and appreciate food.”

The Club includes, but not limited to:

  • Cooking Skills

  • Global Food Culture

  • Professional Demonstration

  • Local/Lafayette Food Culture

  • Food Business – restaurants, groceries, farms, distributors, etc.

  • Dining and Food Etiquette

  • Food History and Evolution

  • Healthy Cooking and Eating

  • Cooking Events by your fellow classmates

  • Cooking Competitions

  • Blind Tasting Events

  • Lafayette/Purdue Farmer’s Market Visit

  • Cooking for the Homeless

  • Holiday Cooking Celebrations

  • Joint Events with other Krannert Clubs

  • Taste Indy Food Tour


This club is to bring together diverse group of people to share their unique cooking flavors and techniques. Come together to enjoy some budget cooking , quick meals, and health benefits. Please like us on Facebook for updates at:


Feel free to contact the cooking club board:

Isra Gadri, President:

William Hinson, VP Communication:

Brian Fish, Treasurer:


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Isra Gadri
Isra Gadri
William Hinson
William Hinson
VP Events and Communications
Brian Fish
Brian Fish
VP Finance

Professor Karthik Kannan discusses the “Nature of Future Jobs” at Purdue’s 2016 Dawn or Doom conference:

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