Christians in Business

CIB serves graduate and undergraduate students at the Krannert School of Management. We include students from many Christian denominations and those interested in the life and teachings of Jesus.  We address concerns related to the need for community, personal development, and having strong business ethics, all of which will add value to our lives and our lives in our professional careers. Events include open Bible study discussions, small group meetings, guest speakers, community outreaches, book discussions, and opportunities for joint events with other Christian and professional groups in our community and on campus.



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Hakjun Lee
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Bingqi Liu
Vice President of Administration
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Jiaji Zhou
Vice President of External Relations

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Valentines Conversation Table
Posted February 13, 2013

On Feb.14th,  during coffee hour, 3rd common we will have our special conversation table for Valentines’ Day. Please drop by to take a quick love language test and talk to … Read more

The Foolishness of Faith-Debate-Coming this weekend
Posted January 26, 2013

One of the top debaters arguing against the existence of God, Alex Rosenberg from Duke University will be debating one of the top debaters for the existence of God, William … Read more

CIB Conversation Table
Posted January 21, 2013

This module CIB shifted its main weekly event Bible study on Thursday evening to a Thursday morning “conversation table” during the Krannert coffee hour time(10-11am) at Rawls 3rd com. Our topic is … Read more

Invitation to Christian MBA Conference from Yale University
Posted January 12, 2013

Recently received the email from peers in Yale University: I’m an MBA student at Yale and one of the leaders of the Graduate Christian Fellowship here. I found your name … Read more

Thanksgiving with a family touch
Posted November 19, 2012

To make sure you are not lonely during this holiday. We are willing to match students in Krannert up with American families(mainly through Joe’s network) for Thursday Thanksgiving dinner. If interested, please send your full name, … Read more