Krannert Hispanic Management Association


The Krannert Hispanic Management Association (KHMA) is more than just a cultural club. KHMA is a club of opportunities. Opportunities not only for students with Latino heritage, but for anyone who wants to be surprised by the richness of Hispanic culture, breathtaking natural resources, and flourishing business opportunities.

Throughout the year, KHMA develops and supports many activities that seek to promote the professional growth of its members such as:

  1. Creation of business networking
  2. Support for finding internships and full-time jobs
  3. Support for participation in job fairs
  4. Participation in case competitions
  5. Seminars on “Doing business with Latin America”
  6. Cultural Activities
  7. And more…

In summary, KHMA is a club of opportunities to learn, to grow, to do business and of course … opportunities to have fun.



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Raudel Medina
Raudel Medina
Alejandro Serena
Alejandro Serena
Vice President of Marketing and Communication
Rodrigo Gomez topete
Rodrigo Gomez topete
Vice President of Finance
Javier Arguello
Javier Arguello
Vice President of Professional Development

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