Krannert Chinese Business Association


Welcome to KCBA!

KCBA is a culture club that consists of passionate and talented students who have interests in Chinese culture and Chinese business development. After the establishment in 2010 by the founder Yongli Zheng, KCBA has successfully conducted lots of events and activities for our members over past three years. Our goal is not only to propagate fantastic Chinese Culture in Krannert but also to provide an open environment and chances for krannert students to gain more professional skills and network with each other. So our activities including: Chinese Alumni session, Professional skills session, Company visit, Case competition, Business Conference, Culture Festival and more events and parties. What are you waiting for? Come and Join us!!!


President: Siming Li

Vice President of Finance: Cheng Wenjia

Vice President of External Communications: Pablo Martinez

Vice President of Internal Communication: Junchao Yang

Vice President of Events: Wang Yisu

Vice President of Alumni Relation: Lorry Long

Recap of the past events

Our board members & family – Welcome dinner!


Dinner with CEO Mr. Hon Mun Yip

Alumni Meeting

Moon Festival 2015

KCBA moon festival 2015

Basketball Tournament 2015

Kellogg School of Management Conference


Ping Pong Competition 2015


Amazon China Connection and Jobs Opportunities – Webinar


Olympic Games 2015

KCBA Team achivement

Badminton Tournament


Culture Fest 2014 


Webinar with HR director from Cummins 


Resume Workshop

resume workshop

Social Hour




Siming Li
Siming Li
Wenjia Cheng
Wenjia Cheng
Vice President of Finance
Pablo Martinez
Pablo Martinez
Vice President of External Communcations
Yisu Wang
Yisu Wang
Vice President of Events
Junchao Yang
Junchao Yang
Vice President of Internal Communications
Yun Long
Yun Long
VP Alumni Relations
Craig Hanson
Craig Hanson

Professor Karthik Kannan discusses the “Nature of Future Jobs” at Purdue’s 2016 Dawn or Doom conference:

About 8 hours ago from Purdue MBA's Twitter via Hootsuite