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Jill Mullens
Jill Mullens
Associate Director for KPDC
Allene Manning
Allene Manning
Associate Director for Student Services

Greetings from the Krannert School of Management and welcome to the summer on-boarding process! During this process, our staff will support and encourage you as you prepare for the academic rigors and professional development opportunities that lie ahead. We anticipate that at the end of Krannert On-boarding and Krannert Launch Orientation you will be able to:

  1. Apply the expectations of you as a student in the Krannert School of Management
  2. Recognize your role in working with others on a team or in a group to meet academic and professional goals and objectives
  3. Explain your individual talents and skills and how these contribute to your career and leadership development

With that in mind, we will be sending regular correspondence to you in an email newsletter. All information included in any issue of the newsletter will be contained on this site. Be sure to read each email newsletter thoroughly and review these key messages now.

  • To-Do Items: a comprehensive list of items to be completed prior to the start of your program’s orientation.
  • Calendar of Critical Dates: dates that will help you plan your time leading up to and through the start of the school year.
  • KrannertLife Student Calendar: a dynamic, go-to source for events and important dates in your life as a student.

Completing the to-do list items by the deadline and preparing for important events ahead will give you the strong start you need for a successful year ahead.

We look forward to being part of your experience!

Allene Manning, Associate Director for Student Services
Jill Mullens, Associate Director for Krannert Professional Development Center