Ops Club: FedEx – Night Tour

November 19, 2013 | By Surnaik Srivastava

As a member of Ops club, I was honored with the opportunity to visit one of the biggest FedEx Hubs in the United States on Thursday, Oct 31st (Halloween night). The Ops club members arrived at FedEx’s Indianapolis Hub at 10:15pm to experience how FedEx handles its daily business operations and cross docking. The daily operations can be described as: Receiving the Shipments from inbound flights, picking them up, sorting to the correct destinations, and loading to outbound flights. The whole duration is about 4 hours (11:30pm-3:30am). The guide of my tour group was Linda L. Striggo, who is one of FedEx’s Operations Manager, and her definition of operations was intriguing as she described it as ‘Organized Chaos’. The Scale of Operations is phenomenal and any small error can result in disruption. After the tour, I kept wondering what kind of advanced operations (in technology and operational efficiency) FedEx can deploy with its long term strategy and vision.

Venkata Mujje, MBA, Class of 2015


Surnaik Srivastava
Surnaik Srivastava
MBA 2014 Operations, Supply Chain, Strategy


Vice President - Krannert Operation Club GA - GSCMI - DCMME GA - Doctoral Programs Office