Poster Competition

October 11, 2013 | By Surnaik Srivastava


On 4th Oct DCMME/GSCMI held its annual fall conference and as the part of the conference, a poster competition was held. This was the second time that the poster competition was organized by the center and it was a major success. Though the poster competition was targeted towards graduate students, but we saw active participation from undergraduates as well.

This year’s poster competition was particularly huge. We had more than 26 participants who entered the competition and after a tough round of eliminations based on poster content and executive summary describing their work, 14 participants were selected to give presentation on the final day of the conference. Poster competition started early at 7:00 am on 4th Oct wherein we had judges visiting the poster of every participant and understanding what their poster represented. Post 2 hours of intense round two we selected 5 top finalists to present at Krannert Auditorium in front of all the conference participants.

In the final showdown each participant gave an excellent presentation followed by a questions and answers round. Based on all of these parameters top three winners were selected.

Here are your winners:

1st : Kurtis Homan

2nd: Zenita Subba

3rd: Manigandan Ramesh





Congratulations to the winners and participants. Thank you for making this event successful.

Surnaik Srivastava
Surnaik Srivastava
MBA 2014 Operations, Supply Chain, Strategy


Vice President - Krannert Operation Club GA - GSCMI - DCMME GA - Doctoral Programs Office