Amazon Happy Hour Highlight

September 2, 2013 | By Russ Isaac

On Tuesday, August 27th, Amazon was on campus for a whole day and one of the highlights of the day was the Happy Hour at Harry’s hosted by Amazon and organized by the Ops Club. Students from the Ops Club gathered for an informal get-together with Michael Tian, Tim Coates, David Alperson and David Guggina. The atmosphere was pumped up with exciting conversations about life at Amazon and everyone’s personal experiences. Stimulating stories and some Krannert Memoirs were exchanged over food and drinks. All Amazonians were extremely energized all throughout the day and shared their experiences of being a part of Amazon. I am looking forward to more networking events like these in the future.


Deepika Mokkarala

MS Global Supply Chain Management 2013




Russ Isaac
Russ Isaac
MBA 2014


Vice President - Communications, Operations Club