PUCC Callout & Networking Dinner at Mad Mushroom

August 20, 2013 | By Vineet Sahni
Purdue University Consulting Club Callout

PUCC callout on Wednesday 28th August, followed by Networking Dinner at Mad Mushroom!

Purdue University Consulting Club (PUCC) invites all of you, interested in consulting as a career or passionate about problem solving and case competitions, to come forward and learn about a club which gives you a perfect platform to showcase your skills and learn much more.

PUCC is a club which brings all the schools in Purdue University together and gives its members a unique opportunity to network with and learn from other members. There are a lot of quality events planned for the next academic year which are bound to enhance your skills.


We look forward to seeing you!

Purdue University Consulting Club



Vineet Sahni
Vineet Sahni
MBA 2014 Operations, Consulting & Analytics