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May 28, 2013 | By Vikram Chauhan

It brings us great joy to announce that we have finally launched the beta version of KrannertLife 2.0. The new site brings a beautiful and responsive design and several back-end improvements partly based on feedback gathered from you. KL2.0 is a major release; almost a new creation. Can’t be forgotten are the countless hours spent understanding the old software code and recreating the new amidst classes, assignments, exams, job search and team meetings. At the end of it, the new KL looks amazing, and is a step up from where we were before.

KrannertLife started out with Jon Boodro’s (MBA 2011) efforts to improve Krannert’s online presence at the end of 2009-2010 academic year. Later Jake Nielson (MBA 2012) and Gareth Borcherds (MBA 2012) took the website to new greater heights. Gareth in particular with his excellent technical skills combined with his strategic vision shaped the website from a small blog to a place that eventually became the heart of Student Life at Krannert. We’re still thankful for his work that gave us the KrannertLife we all know. During that time, site users increased, content grew and visitors too. How might we try to fill those big shoes?

Over time KGSA has been making the site feature full but somehow somewhere we let the design take a backseat. It’s the design element that we have focused on in this new version of KrannertLife. The new KrannertLife is a significant move towards creating a more portal like environment. The homepage is designed in such a way that you don’t lose out on any important information be it related to clubs, KGSA, KPDC, Student Services, Krannert or Purdue. You can also clearly see upcoming events and announcements through the respective homepage widgets without having to navigate to a club/area. Clicking on the widget heading takes you to that area or brings you a more comprehensive listing of the content you want to see. New Students will be able to see a “New Students” widget showing latest announcements to help facilitate their onboarding.

It’s all about content, content and content. We want to showcase what truly is the “Life at Krannert”, and we want to do it in a grand manner. Hence, the design stresses on vibrant colors, large images, bigger headings and easy to read text. We’re also happy to say that the new KL is also mobile friendly, and looks great on a small screen. The overall design is based on a responsive framework that makes the layout amazingly flexible.

If the site shines at the front-end, it is also very friendly to use at the back-end esp. for us Administrators. We’ve improved club management and creating Newsletters. Speaking of newsletters, you’ll soon see the redesigned Newsletter, and a new process around distributing newsletters. We are also working on streamlining permissions to enable you all to post content with less amount of frustration. We’ll also be creating training modules for various clubs/areas so that they know how to go about posting content in this new version. Don’t worry, not much has changed in that regard!

It’s not the end though as KL is still far from becoming the “perfect” website. In this beta release, there were some sacrifices made as far as features and you may notice those omissions. For example, the lack of downloadable iCal calendar or ability to post on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Rest assured, we’re working hard to bring them back and introduce many new when they are ready. As we test this beta release, we urge everyone who uses this site to provide their feedback on how we can further improve the site. Your feedback is crucial for us to provide you the best online experience when you use this site.

If you’ve any questions feel free to contact. We look forward to you actively using the website.


Warm Regards,

Vikram Chauhan, KGSA VP of IT (2012-13)
Satish Kunchakuri, KGSA VP of IT (2013-14)

Vikram Chauhan
Vikram Chauhan
MBA 2013 Strategy/MIS


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