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May 7, 2013 | By Julio Tay

I am currently part of the GBP team working with the global pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly developing a sales and marketing strategy to successfully launch a wider product portfolio for diabetes in the Brazilian market. Specifically we are focused on finding the appropriate sales training program, sales and marketing department structure and sales incentive plan.  Introducing new promising medications to the diabetes market worldwide is crucial to maintain its outstanding performance. Considering that Brazil has the highest number of people with diabetes (12.4 million) and the greatest number of deaths due to this disease (53% of all deaths) in Latin America, offering the right set of solutions to patients is a priority for the company. At this point of the project, we are collecting relevant data and interviewing different key players in order to obtain a better understanding of the different factors impacting Lilly’s performance and go to market strategy.

The project has been a great learning experience since it exposed me to the challenges faced while interacting remotely with my teammates and client. When we first started working together we were having issues to be effective during our conference call meetings. Since we are talking on the phone it is very easy to get distracted and not pay attention to discussions and others’ comments. Nevertheless, after talking about it, setting up specific agendas and getting everyone actively involved in different work streams, we were able to improve and even reduce the time spent over discussions. This whole experience showed me the importance of constant communication and commitment from each person on the teams in order to guarantee a high quality recommendation. It also gave me the opportunity to meet and interact with remarkable people from other universities including students, professors and staff as well as current employees and managers from Eli Lilly. Finally, I will not only be able to work in the Brazilian industry at Sao Paulo but also I will visit Rio de Janeiro and Porto Alegre and I will experience a real Brazilian soccer game.

Marielisa Rodriguez – MBA Student Class 2014 – Focus in Marketing and Strategic Planning

Julio Tay
Julio Tay
MBA 2014 Marketing and Supply Chain


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