Paintball Highlights

April 23, 2013 | By Zenita Subba

We arrived on chilly Saturday Apr 20th morning anxious to take out a year’s worth of frustrations on each other by shooting at one another.  There were about 60 Krannert students present with rage in their eyes.

We began the activity quickly after some brief safety instructions – most of which were immediately ignored as the activity continued.  We split up into 2 different teams and played on 3 different fields.  We were able to play 5 games in total.  Tensions rose, paintballs were fired, and people died (walked off the field).  In the end we all left having satisfied our need for vengeance and fulfilled by our morning activity.

As one student puts it:

“I have spent most of my time at Rawl’s hall during the past 8 months.  I did not think there was anything to do outside of business school.  This event opened my eyes to a whole new world of opportunities.  I realize now that there is more to business school than just grades.  I can have fun!  Thank you Paintball event for changing my life.”

Okay – so maybe that quote was completely made up, but everyone had a good time playing paintball.  We started the event a little after 10, and the Paintball Barn let us play past our 1pm reservation.   In the end, everyone who participated was able to get their full $15 worth.

Zenita Subba
Zenita Subba