FedEx Supply Chain and Networking Session Highlight

April 25, 2013 | By Russ Isaac

The FedEx Supply Chain and Networking Session was very informative. It was timed right when many of us were beginning our studies into supply chain management and who better to hear from than a global leader such as FedEx? Interestingly, they were unable to get through their entire slide deck because so much time was spent during back and forth Q&A throughout the presentation. This demonstrates the level of engagement from our club members as well as their willingness to discuss any topic at length.

The following is a response from one of the students in attendance:

“The discussion session by FEDEX was very informative; there were a lot of insights on the company‚Äôs operations both for a consumer and a prospective employee. Knowledge sharing about the business structure, operating units and services provided by Fedex was also helpful. The presenters were very engaging and they were willing to ask and answer questions. The highlight for me was the short case study part.”

-Rebecca Obikunle, 2013 GISMA MBA Candidate with concentration in General Management


Russ Isaac
Russ Isaac
MBA 2014


Vice President - Communications, Operations Club