Duke MBA – Purdue takes 3rd place

April 16, 2013 | By Zenita Subba

Setting on the path carved by our seniors, we set out to prove ourselves once again at the 25th Duke MBA games at Fuqua School of Business. The team consisted of Kelsey Nielsen, Natalie Bauman, Tyler Gotshall, Aaron LoCicero, Max Haubold, Teja, Anupam, Emma, Raj, Megan and me (Zenita) and was led by Rahul Barge.

The Duke MBA Games is an annual fundraiser hosted by the Fuqua School of Business to support the Special Olympics. Students from top MBA programs across the country go to Durham to compete in a weekend of competition, fun and the celebration of the winning spirit alongside amazing Special Olympics athletes.

Team Purdue started its fund raising activities three months back. We organized skip-a-meal, candy-gram, penny wars, bake-and-sale, 5K and stood in the cold winter months canning for the good cause. It was one of the most amazing experiences I have had.  By the time we were set to go to North Carolina, we had raised around $5000.  In the meanwhile, we practiced for the dance-off.

We reached Durham early morning on 12th April and were provided with an awesome apartment to spend our two nights. The opening ceremony was amazing which ended with the dance off. Our team put up a good show but couldn’t make it to the top 7 list. We were disappointed but were happy with the 80′s show we put up.

The D-day dawned with all of us rushing to get ready for the games. We had two Special Olympics athletes rooting for Purdue – Gabe and Stephen. We performed well in all the events and took the first prizes in “Crab Walk”, “Izzy Dizzy Bat relay” and “Basketball Toss.” We took the third place overall. The experience was amazing and the fact that we helped raise funds for the Special Olympics is a reward in itself.

Zenita Subba
Zenita Subba