Amazon Plant Visit Highlight

April 28, 2013 | By Russ Isaac

We arrived at early on Friday morning on April 26th to Amazon’s Fulfillment Center IND1.  Inside we would observe how Amazon handles large volumes of inbound and outbound packages in their daily operations.  As we pass through security and sign our nondisclosure forms and go over safety information, we are then briefed with basic information about Amazon and its culture and then we were assigned to our tour guides for the day.  What we all would discover during our tour is that Amazon is a living breathing unit that only works when all of the associates and management are working together.  The stress on continuous improvement is exactly what we have been told through our case studies, but to see it implemented was impressive.  The entire facility was a “walk the talk” example of why exactly Amazon is capable to be the largest e-retailer in the United States.  Anyone at Purdue who is interested in operations should plan on attending the Amazon tour visit to see leaders interact on the floor level knowing all employees names and showing trust and respect to everyone.  This treat everyone equal philosophy was further supported when the General Manager answered the question of “what do you think makes Amazon so successful?” he simply turned to his managers and associates and gave all the credit to their hard work and dedication.  Everyone who attends the Amazon plant visit can learn something from the experience, and the few who have the privilege of accepting an offer will be excited to be joining such an innovative company.

Kurtis Homan

MBA 2013

Russ Isaac
Russ Isaac
MBA 2014


Vice President - Communications, Operations Club