New Wine Club President

March 18, 2013


I would like to congratulate Julia Phillips on her new appointment as the Krannert Wine Club President. There were some rumors that the power change could create chaos in the Lafayette area but I am happy to report that the transition went smoothly.

During Julia’s indoctrination ceremony she stated in her speech that she would like to focus on education, “My main objective would be to increase the educational portion of the wine club events, having brief (< 10 minute) presentations from members and guests from the Lafayette wine community about wine varietals and production. I really enjoyed the Purdue Wine Appreciation class, and the wine club events this year, so I would love to continue on with the wine club in 2013-2014.”

I hope the first year MBA students will support Julia’s agenda and continue to support the Krannert Wine Club. I would like to thank everyone who supported our organization this past year and we are lucky to have such a loyal and fearless leader to take us into the future. We look forward to good things in the future.

Congratulations Julia, Way to go!

Signing off,

Brad Johnson

Krannert Wine Club President (2012 – 2013)