Vice President applications invited for Purdue University Consulting Club

February 11, 2013

Calling all PUCC Members,

Purdue University Consulting Club is inviting applications for the Vice President positions for academic year  2013-2014. The positions and responsibilities of VPs are described as below:

“The VP of Finance (Treasurer) shall provide adequate, timely, and comprehensive controls over the reporting and monitoring of club funds.  He/she ensures that all events are cleared with the Office of the Dean of Students (Student Activities Office), interacts with the Business Office for Student Organizations, and enables further development and growth of the club by not restricting activities due to budget.  Additionally, the VP of Finance shall aid in the prioritization of events, speakers, monetary gifts/recognition and revenue generation.  Lastly, the VP of Finance shall assist in strategy planning, as well as steps needed to achieve success. He/she keeps accounts, deposits the organization’s funds, and makes expenditures in a manner approved by the Business Office for Student Organizations.”

The VP of Internal Affairs/Member Development shall focus on maintaining a growing level of active membership and recruiting new members.  Provide opportunities for individual professional development, social interactions, and personal balance through the use of formal and informal activities/initiatives.  The VP of Internal Affairs/Member Development will take ownership of internal recognition and aid in the goal setting for individual level contributions.  Additionally, assist in strategy planning, as well as steps needed to achieve success.”

“The VP of Professional Development shall provide resources/opportunities for the career-based development of the club members.  Identify events, initiatives, education, and information needed to further develop a career in consulting.  Contact external sources for speaking engagements, both to the club and from the club to other colleges/communities on campus.  Develop goals and locate tools needed to achieve those goals for individual members and for each segment (external, internal, strategy, functional, etc.) of consulting.  Assist in strategy planning, as well as steps needed to achieve success.”

“The VP of Communications shall provide clear, timely, and comprehensive information downstream and upstream.  This includes communicating the events to club members, maintaining the calendar, updating various social media, blogs, forums, and club website(s), and informing members of any new content.  Maintain high involvement with the club to understand the pulse/organizational health of the club and report on the characteristics, concerns, ideas, and struggles back to the Board and when needed, to the external stakeholders.  Assist the board in designing the branding for the club and take ownership of implementing the brand in the local, functional, and academic communities. Assist in strategy planning, as well as steps needed to achieve success.”

In case you are interested in applying for this position, please submit your Resume and Letter of Intent (limited to 350 words) to Debdeep Roy ( by February 17, 2013 (23:59 hours). Also mention the role you are applying for in the subject line.

Please make sure you cover the following points in your Letter Of Intent:

1.       Why do you want to apply for the position?

2.       What vision/plans do you have for the specific role for the upcoming year?

3.       Prioritize top three goals for your role and PUCC, and how you would accomplish them.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to the current board members or post in Facebook (

Thank you for your interest in serving the Purdue community.

PUCC Executive Leadership Board, 2012-13