Internship 101 Event Highlights

February 21, 2013 | By Surnaik Srivastava

An evening well spent!

It all started informally with pizzas and drinks but soon turned into a very interesting and informative event with 2nd year students sharing their internship experiences with the 1st year students. I liked the setup during the event with Marketing and HR booths being setup on the 2nd floor commons while operations and finance discussions happening on the 3rd floor. This setup facilitated in creating a comfortable environment which was perfect for such discussions.

There were a lot of 2nd year students who were willingly sharing their experiences during the event. I personally interacted with many 2nd year students and gained understanding about their internship exposure in various companies. They also shared with me the dos and don’ts during the internship. We also talked about the approach one should follow while searching for an internship in companies which are regular to Krannert.

This was first of its kind event and I look forward to attending many more in future.

Boiler Up!

Ankur Bhatia

Surnaik Srivastava
Surnaik Srivastava
MBA 2014 Operations, Supply Chain, Strategy


Vice President - Krannert Operation Club GA - GSCMI - DCMME GA - Doctoral Programs Office