Krannert Places 3rd in Illinois Strategy Case Competition!

February 13, 2013

As the Purdue team of Javier Aguirre, Andrew Tye, Raghu Rao, and David Smith drove at the break of dawn through Champaign, IL, for the Illinois Strategy Case Competition, they were tired, but filled with confidence. After receiving the case and seeing the name “Dropbox” in the title, their excitement started to grow. The competition was fierce, with the usual contenders and rivals like Penn State, Michigan State, and Illinois, to teams from across the world, including The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

In their small, whiteboard covered conference room, the Boilermakers analyzed the facts and developed a creative strategy and recommendation. It was a work of art: simple, yet effective. They got a good night’s sleep in 5-star (ha!) accommodations and woke with vigor and enthusiasm for the fight ahead of them. The first round was brutal; the judges threw questions from all directions, but the Purdue team fought back and came out on top. They were exhausted, but would not give up. All that was left was the final: the best of the best. After a hard fought first round, Javier and the group were confident. They stood outside the auditorium itching to get back in the ring. When the final bell rang, the gloves were thrown off. The gang battled tough, and came home with the bronze. Next year Illinois, we’re coming back for gold.

Boiler Up!

Special thanks to Matthew Lynall, Teresa Sekine, William Budds, Tad Brinkerhoff, and all those who helped us along the way!

By: David Smith | MBA Class of 2014