Krannert Impact Award Nominations!

February 13, 2013 | By Vikram Chauhan

Each year the master’s students at Krannert select students from among their peers as the most outstanding members of the Krannert community. The Krannert Impact Award will be awarded by the Krannert Graduate Student Association to deserving students who have been nominated by their colleagues and chosen by an awards committee. The Executive Board for the Krannert Graduate Student Association is soliciting student nominations for this award. Each nomination should include the name of the student being nominated with a detailed description of that student’s actions and the impact that they have made in the community.

Nominations will be accepted until shortly after midnight on February 17, 2013. A committee will consider each of the nominations and the winners will be announced at Social Hour that week.

Please fill out the form in this post for your nomination.

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Vikram Chauhan
Vikram Chauhan
MBA 2013 Strategy/MIS


MBA Class of 2013. Technology freak, amateur golfer, aspiring entrepreneur and loyal boilermaker.