The Foolishness of Faith-Debate-Coming this weekend

January 26, 2013

One of the top debaters arguing against the existence of God, Alex Rosenberg from Duke University will be debating one of the top debaters for the existence of God, William Lane Craig in a free, judged debate in Elliot Hall Friday February 2nd at 7pm. It is Free and Open to the university and the public. We are told atheist and theist groups around the world will be watching via LIVE streaming representing viewers in nearly 30 countries. Questions will be taken LIVE from the floor in Elliot and some screen from remote sites around the world via Twitter with preference to the LIVE audience. CIB encourages Krannert students to attend. It will be quite civil and principled and the following day, Saturday breakout seminars, a panel, and several Purdue faculty will have sessions including our faculty adviser as well as one of our student organization’s spiritual mentors. All welcome both days. No admission.

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