Penny Wars: Create Change for the Special Olympics!

January 23, 2013

Students and Faculty,

In an effort to raise awareness and fundraise for the Special Olympics and this year’s 2013 Duke MBA Games Team, we are launching Penny Wars for all students and faculty at Krannert. Penny Wars will be detailed at social hour this Wednesday, January 23. This year, Penny Wars will be a little different. We have representatives from the faculty/staff, first year and second year class, Professor Brad Alge, Anupam Bansal and Matt Mangum, respectively. At social hour on Wednesday, February 13, we will be announcing which jar has the least amount of points. The representative on that jar will get a pie in the face! We will be raffling tickets that day at social hour to see which lucky student gets to do the pie-ing!

For this competition, all contestants are encouraged to donate pennies to their designated bins (found in the Student Services office each day), and will earn +1 point for each penny donated. However, donating silver change (nickels, dimes, quarters) or paper money to your opponents’ bins will reduce that opponents’ totals by 1 point per donated value (ie. a nickel is -5 points, a dollar is -100 points to your opponent). Remember, this is for a great cause! We look forward to a fun penny wars experience and a great competition between 1st year, 2nd year, and faculty members!