KGSA Vice President Position Descriptions

January 23, 2013

Vice President of Internal Finance:

This position has four primary responsibilities. First of all, you must construct the budgets for the Leadership Fund, the Career Fund, and the Joint-Venture Fund in conjunction with the VP of External Finance. Secondly, you will oversee the usage of the Joint-Venture Fund throughout the year. Next, you will facilitate the club membership process in concert with the VP of IT and the VP of Organizational & Professional Development. Lastly, throughout the year you will assist in the creation of and execute the reimbursement for various club events. Please contact William Birch with any questions.

Vice President of External Finance:

The vice president of external finance is tasked with developing and executing the club and KGSA sponsored travel budgets with the help of the KGSA president and the vice president of internal finance. The position carries the responsibility of presenting the following academic year’s budget to the dean’s office and flawlessly executing that budget in a controlled environment. Please contact Matt Rall with any questions.

Vice President of Communications:

The VP of Communication’s role mainly consists of:

  1. Responsible for the content creation, management, and improvement of KrannertLife, including the scheduled KGSA Newsletters.
  2. Responsible for the distribution of event, club, and academic news to the student body through newsletters, facebook, and twitter.
  3. Hold Social Hour every Wednesday for announcements.
  4. Work with students and administration to continuously explore ways to improve student experiences at Krannert.

Please contact Kevin Hsueh for any questions.

Vice President of Event Management:

This is a role that seeks to provide interaction opportunities to all students in the program in order to build a tighter and closer Krannert Community. The VP of Event Management is in charge of mainly 4 different activities:

1)    Tailgates

  1. a.     Secure the event location early in the year (through the John Purdue Club – fees required for membership and 2 Parking Passes)
  2. b.     Purchasing of refreshments and food for each tailgate (usually done the day before)
  3. c.     Setup and coordination of tailgate and shuttle from Rawls (depending on game time)


2)    Wednesday Socials

  1. a.     Coordinate and assign dates with club presidents
  2. b.     Serve as liaison between club presidents and Peggy Blessing for budget and food purchasing


3)    Unofficial Socials

  1. a.     Plan social events in campus and non-campus venues for Krannert Students to socialize in a non-academic setting
  2. b.     Track attendance and get regular feedback (through quantifiable data) of events to provide diverse and enjoyable experiences for everyone


4)    Scheduled Events

  1. a.     Budgeting, Planning, and Execution of activities for the student body (examples are: capture the flag, rock of ages in Elliot Music Hall, Krannert Krawl)


As VP of Event Management there are other associated activities that come with the position. For further detail, feel free to contact Javier Aguirre.

Vice President of Professional and Organizational Development:


-Assist students in making professional career choices (networking, interview skills, resume development)

-Organize CityTreks with KPDC

-Create and oversee professional development activities to be held during Krannert Launch (in conjunction with student services and KPDC)

-Serve as a liaison for the Krannert Masters’ students to KPDC

-Oversee the operations of 22 Krannert Graduate Clubs

-Run KGSA elections with the assistance of the KGSA president


Please contact Corey Friedman for any questions.


Vice President of Alumni Affairs

The position of VP of Alumni Affairs is to help foster interaction between current students and Krannert alums. To help close in the gap between these two groups. The interaction between these two groups is sometimes very difficult given Krannert’s geographic location so certain events throughout the year are to key to maintaining and growing this relationship. So far these events have included tailgates, city treks and golf outings when alums are in town. The position is an ever-changing position and adaptability is a must, new people and new projects have changed interaction between current students and alums for the better. Helping faculty, staff and students by reaching out to alums to participate in Krannert events is always high on the list.

This year, a few lunches with students and alumni were coordinated to help students prepare for their professional careers. Also, the tailgate momentum was kept with help of more students and made tailgates even better. Tailgates are a large component of student-alum interaction because it is one of the few times that alums will travel back to West Lafayette. These networking opportunities are beneficial to all and keep events such as this one going are a big part of the position’s responsibilities.

If you want to get involved with the position and learn more about what I do and how we can make this position even better e-mail Jesus Molina at or stop by the KGSA office!

Vice President Academic Affairs

Description: Facilitate a host of recurring monthly and annual events, respond to the need of students with regard to academic issues as needed, and pursue new opportunities for improvement with appropriate stakeholders on an ongoing basis.

Organizational Responsibilities:

  • KGSA Case Competition – Getting the sponsors and organizing the event
  • Elevator pitch competition – Assisting MCS Class to arrange for the finals of the elevator pitch competition. Provide funding through KGSA and sponsorship
  • Maintaining study rooms on Outlook
  • Faculty Lunches

Please contact Rahul Barge for any questions.

Vice President of International Affairs

The VP of International Affairs is responsible for the planning, coordination, and execution of several events aimed at promoting cultural awareness and fraternity within the Krannert Master’s programs.  Specifically, these events are tailored towards bringing together all of the different cultures represented in our program through activities designed to encourage interaction.  The 2 main activities include:

  1. Lunch partners (mod 1+2) – This KGSA sponsored activity matches up 1st year participants with 2nd year volunteers, giving incoming 1st years the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the 2nd years over lunch.  The budget in the past has been $10 per person, utilizing KGSA funds.
  2. Culturefest (mod 2) – This KGSA sponsored event is the biggest event for the master’s programs.  The event is typically planned and organized by a committee created specifically for the event.  During the event, volunteers from each culture are invited to participate in performances and culture “booths” that showcase the uniqueness of their cultures


Other activities can be planned or created based on budget and needs, such as sporting events, movie nights, and socials.  The VP of International Affairs is given full control over the creative aspects of the position and is encouraged to think of new events that will further promote cultural exchange and camaraderie within the program.

Please contact Michael Lee for any questions.

Vice President of Information Technology

The VP of Technology position is a very important position in the KGSA board. The person is responsible for ensuring Information Technology (IT) needs within KGSA are met, and requires close collaboration with other board members esp. VP of Communications to ensure their specific functions are able to deliver what they want to. This position along with the two Finance positions, and the Communications position, together form a type of support function within KGSA, providing shared services to all other areas within KGSA, as well as to various clubs. Specifically, VP of Technology is in-charge of KrannertLife.

Roles & Responsibilities

  1. Strategizing – a very important responsibility; the VP of IT needs to be a forward thinker; always strategizing on ways to improve the site, increase user participation, or enhance the overall user experience
  2. Performing regular upkeep of the Website, including regular updates/fixes to the software code, and working with iTap and KCC to facilitate scheduled server maintenances
  3. Providing support services to KGSA, various clubs, students, and any other site users, as well as iTap/KCC. These services include:
    1. Access management – providing access, removing access, or troubleshooting access
    2. Content management – creating areas for new clubs/university programs, removing non-existing clubs, or creating forms/posts for special events such as KGSA elections
    3. Consulting – act as subject matter expert; consult on how to go about doing certain things on the site, how to integrate the site with other IT infrastructure at Krannert such as Katalyst , or any general guidance
    4. Training and education – creating training documents/videos, holding sessions to train users esp. club board members on site navigation, and posting content
    5. Governance – ensuring that the site has the right content, in the right section, and created by the right users


Unlike other KGSA positions, this one needs you to have certain technical skills esp. how to use WordPress, understand user issues and troubleshoot issues. Programming skills would also come handy esp. if you have to go through an entangled piece of software code. However, you do not have to be a master of anything though a knowledge of PHP, MySQL, jQuery and WordPress would help immensely. There is nothing that cannot be learned. If you have the right mind you would learn quite easily and quickly.

If you’re overwhelmed by the responsibilities and requirements, please don’t! You would be carefully mentored by the present and the past VPs of IT once you accept this position, as we understand that there is a learning curve involved. Through this position, you’ll gain an immense understanding of owning a technology product and taking it to the next level. As the site is used by all of Krannert as well as visited by hundreds of users from all over the world, you’ll get an excellent visibility and credit for your work. Please contact Vikram Chauhan with any questions.