KGSA Board Elections – LOIs & Speeches

January 29, 2013 | By Vikram Chauhan

Vice President of Academic Affairs

Mitch Johnston

It has been a great year, and I have enjoyed getting to know everyone.  Our second year marks another opportunity for us to contribute to the Krannert community. I believe that one of the places where we can have the greatest impact is in the academic arena. In collaboration with the faculty and staff, we can positively guide the future of the program.  Drawing upon our valid, meaningful input as Krannert community members, we can improve the student experience both inside and outside of the classroom.  As the Academics Affairs representative on the KGSA board, I will act as your resource and advocate, ensuring that student input is heard and your academic experience truly enhances your professional development.  Specifically, I will work to increase and enhance communication between students, faculty and staff to proactively address topics ranging from scheduling to grading.  By reaching out to the broader academic community at Purdue, I will pursue and promote opportunities to diversify and expand upon our professional knowledge and networks. Our class has already made significant contributions to Krannert and I am proud of our commitment to strengthening and capitalizing upon all the program has to offer. I look forward to building upon the momentum we have created and actively taking steps to make our second year even more productive than our first.

Vice President of Alumni Affairs

Jessica Kasmerchak

Thank you for your consideration for Vice President of Alumni Affairs. We are fortunate to have such well established, successful alumni to network with and learn from. I believe there is great potential to build new and strengthen the current relationships that we have with our alums. Doing so would enable many different opportunities for personal and professional growth.

I would like to see an increase in the number of alumni events and the number of active alumni. Social and networking events, mentor relationships, off campus destination receptions when we travel, partnerships to arrange more City Treks and site visits, etc. The possibilities are truly endless. I recognize that we cannot only focus on our current alumni. We are all future alumni and we need to begin to build that relationship now, starting with those of us who are part of Krannert today.

My professional experience translates directly to this position. For the past 3 years I directed the undergraduate merit scholarship program at Purdue. This position involved fundraising, stewardship and working directly with the University’s Development office to ensure that the connection between Purdue University and its alumni remains strong. I have an established network at Purdue that will be beneficial in this effort and firmly believe that my professional experience will serve this position well.

I am committed to seeing that these relationships are improved and the Krannert experience enhanced by a stronger, more active alumni network and would appreciate your vote for Vice President of Alumni Affairs.

Shreyas Mehta

Hello everyone!

I am Shreyas Mehta and I would like to nominate myself for the post of KGSA Vice President of Alumni Affairs. I am a first year MBA specializing in Operations Management.

I have a diverse experience in networking and building corporate relations. During my short stay at Krannert, I have been able to contact and build relations with alumni not only from Krannert but also from Purdue. I have also involved myself in various relation building activities such as, the City Treks to Chicago and Indianapolis, company visits to Caterpillar, Subaru, Sears and Amazon. These activities have enabled me to form a concrete roadmap to interact and leverage the plethora of Krannert and Purdue alumni present in diverse industries.

I was also the Alumni Relations Officer at my undergrad university.

I will organize more frequent alumni meets at Krannert will foster better relations and also give an opportunity to you to network and have better access to career opportunities and career advice. By getting an industrial outlook for our program I seek to close the gaps between the academia and the industry. I will learn and carry forward the good work done by our current vice president. I seek on making this a collaborative effort in bringing alumni closer to their Alma Mater, Purdue! I am always open to any suggestions that you might have to make Krannert the best Alumni friendly school.

I hope you share my vision and find me suitable for this position.

Vice President of Communications

Megha Agarwal

250 words is too limited a space to convey my love for writing and content creation. Keeping myself limited to Krannert, this is the very first thing I did when I started my MBA program back in August. To jog your memories a little, I initiated Krannert Korner section in Klife so as to share my excitement and anxieties about being a new member of the Krannert community. The participation to this section was very limited (improvement opportunity!), but it was my first baby step towards initiating experience sharing between current students and providing visibility to prospective ones.

I am guessing, the obvious question in your minds will be “Why take efforts to communicate through Krannert Life “? Well, think about all the interesting stories that our teammates and classmates shared, through which each one of us got deeper insights about different countries, cultures, food and lifestyle. Think about all the images that our classmates paint in our minds everyday when they talk about an industry which is completely alien to us. How about giving these stories a larger platform, so that they can be heard beyond boundaries of classrooms and meeting rooms?

It is an objective that is close to my heart because I know we live in different worlds and it is important to promote openness and transparency in the way we communicate to keep us close knit. If given the opportunity to be VP of Communications, this will be my primary goal next academic year.

Zenita Subba

Hello Boilermakers,
I am Zenita Subba and I am writing to express my interest in running for the position of VP of Communications.

In almost every profession – whether it is journalism, law or academia – people rely on effective communication. As VP of Communications, I will improve the KGSA newsletter and make sure that everyone is informed of the upcoming events, responsibilities and social activities. I will also incorporate and spread the word of the various accomplishments of the students to others at Krannert.

I believe that I have good organizational and communication skills. Ethnically a Nepali but born and brought up in Bhutan and having lived in India for 7 years, I feel that I can communicate well with people from diverse backgrounds. While it is important that we know what is happening in and around Krannert, I believe that it is equally important to know what is happening outside the school of business. Keeping in line with the newly elected KGSA President’s plans for the future, I will also try and inform every one of any GA/job positions outside Krannert.

As a Co-Editor of a magazine, I understand the importance of the right and effective usage of words. I will try my best to keep the KGSA communication fun and informative.

I assure you that if I am elected to this position, I will carry out my duties with utmost passion and I will go the extra mile to do my best in representing Krannert.

Vice President of Event Management

David Smith

Hello my fellow Krannert family members! My name is David Smith and I am running to become your next Vice President of Fun, I mean Event Management.

Over the first few modules here at Krannert I have had the opportunity to meet and really get to know so many extraordinary people. While most of our interaction happens in RAWLS, I believe that I have gotten to know you best outside the classroom. Our current Vice President of Event Management, Javier Aguirre, has done a fantastic job of creating atmospheres where people can have fun and get to know one another. Despite all the fun we had this past year I plan to take it even further. The tailgates will be more exciting, the krawls more crazy, and I guarantee you will all discover one new activity that you enjoy that you would have never tried before.

I am more than just a guy that is good at having fun; I am also good at creating it. This year I have been involved in many events, such as setting up the tailgates, organizing the comedy show, and planning Culture Fest. During my time in the engineering program at Purdue, I was a board member of a student organization where I created and implemented what became known as the Graduate Student Olympics. I enjoy bringing people together and having fun, and I hope that I am able to have an opportunity to continue to do that in Krannert.

Eddie Nunez

As we continue through our Krannert experience, there are memories that are waiting to be created and cherished. KGSA has hosted numerous events thus far that have helped us create these memories. As the Vice-President of Event Management, I will work to ensure the continuance of these events. Furthermore, I will strive to improve and add to these activities for the upcoming year.

Recreational activities are crucial for not only dealing with stress, but maintaining a high level of satisfaction in life. My undergraduate degree focused on creating such activities. Consequently I have organized many events from small house parties to university sponsored events catering to over 7,000 students.

As the VP of Events, I will ensure that our tailgates, official/unofficial socials, and other scheduled activities will continue to provide us with the recreation we need. Additionally, I will encourage each of us to think of new events that will add to our student life here at Krannert. We all deserve to have a voice in creating and developing events that will enrich our lives, memories, and experiences here at Purdue.

We have an opportunity of a lifetime to receive our MBA from Purdue. My goal is to help each of us create cherished memories that we can look back on for the rest of our lives. As the Vice-President of Event Management for KGSA, it would be an honor to help create those memories for you.

Thank you for your consideration.

Vice President of External Finance

Matt Larson

I am very excited about having the chance to run for the VP of External Finance in KGSA! Over the last semester, I have been able to observe first hand the benefits that are given who students who chose to get involved. If I were given the privilege of holding this position, I would use the opportunity to bring meaningful change by budgeting for unique experiences to develop student’s personal and professional portfolios.

During my undergraduate year in Krannert, I was involved in the Krannert School of Management Council, which is the undergrad equivalent of KGSA. I served on the professional development committee, as the alumni representative, and finally as the outreach chairman. Serving on the council allowed me to identify opportunities that would benefit students, and then work closely with administrators and faculty to provide a means of making those opportunities a reality. I have the same viewpoint about KGSA and the power that it holds to create extraordinary opportunities. If I am elected to KGSA, I will constantly seek and listen for ways to enhance the experience that we all share here at Krannert.

I would be very proud to be the VP of External Finance, but even more proud to have the chance to represent the graduate students of Krannert. I am confident in my ability to bring new and creative ideas to KGSA, and guarantee I will provide a fulfilling and meaningful experience to all of us for the remaining time we have here at Purdue!

Monica Ravi

With a clear goal of managing external finances to the best of my ability, I Monica Ravi, first year MBA student would like to nominate myself for the role of Vice President of External Finance.

My past experiences of working in multiple industries handling various aspects of financial dealings has enabled me to acquire the requisite skill sets needed for this platform to serve you. Also having worked as the finance coordinator for the student body in my undergraduate school, I understand the importance of planning and execution of financial road maps for success of any event.
In order to put Krannert back on track as one of the finest MBA programs, engagement in high visibility activities is of utmost importance. The expenditures related to college activities that enhance and develop one’s experience at Krannert such as career fairs, case competitions, city treks etc should not be a bottle neck that limit students from availing all possible opportunities.

Participating in as many external and co-curricular activities possible forms the core in the development of any MBA graduate. As the vice president of External Finance, I will focus on developing a sustainable methodology to maximize budgets by bringing in sponsorship and forging partnerships with members in the industry, that will enable you all to gain exposure to more activities.

I hope you find me appropriate candidate for the post and feel free to contact me in case of any queries.

I would love to interact with you. Thanks !!!

Pan Pan

Hi, my name is Pan Pan, I am here running for vice president of external finance of Krannert Graduate Student Association. I have three reasons for why I am running for this position and why I am extremely qualified.

First of all, my nearly three years of banking experience have given me a better understanding of the business of Finance. I have been in various positions in the bank, which include analyzing bank statements and managing corporate banking accounts. The effort I made in exploring the finance industry consolidates my hardware skills that are aligned with the requirements of the job prescription.

Moreover, I am a passionate person who is willing and able to serve. Those who know me would definitely understand how much I value the happiness and joy that I feel in helping people, I would be dedicated in doing my job in order to help KGSA and the clubs to better serve our students.

Last but not least, I want to be more involved in this program since these might be the most memorable years in my life and I will do whatever I can to make sure that all of you enjoy your Krannert life as I do right now, I might not be the perfect fit for this position, but I am the guy who can get the job done, so please vote for me, thank you.

Vice President of Information Technology

Aditya Ghamande

Hello Boilermakers,

I am Aditya Ghamande, a First year MBA student and I am running for the position of Vice President of Information Technology. Whether it is a PUCC case competition, or Operations club vplant visit, “Krannertlife” that has been a one stop portal for communication this past year.

Our KGSA board has provided us a past that we are all proud of. Being satisfied with what we have is like moving one step away from growth on both personnel and professional level. The Krannertlife has served us really well, but the question is can it serve us and our incoming students even better? Yes, it can and it will if you provide me a chance to serve you all and this institute with my passion, energy, and knowledge. I am confident that close to six years of IT experience before coming to Krannert has prepared me to take on the role of VP of Information Technology.

I strongly believe that this position is about coordinating with all KGSA members, students, staff, and faculty such that you get all the communications at the right time. Whether coordinating with hundreds of volunteers for a social cause or providing IT services to the client, I have the experience of bringing everyone together and create that WOW factor for everyone. I believe that I can serve this position to best of my capabilities so that I will take your experience to a new level.

Satish Kunchakuri

I am Satish, pursuing 1st year of MBA. I am running for the position of KGSA Vice-president of Information Technology. I strongly believe that with my experiences, vision and passion of working with technology, I will serve you effectively in this position and help KGSA better function as an inclusive and supportive group.

I have 6 years of IT Consulting experience and my passion about IT has motivated me to design and develop learning management solutions for educational institutions and number of other websites through my start-up firm. Strong programming and troubleshooting skills and experience with various cross-functional teams makes me a good fit for this position.

By adding a dimension to the media communications and better user experience, I want to give KGSA a better opportunity to engage more students, increase collaboration and create a more involved and energetic student body. With my vision clubbed with your support, we can raise the bar to make Krannert a stronger name and get a more interactive and rich learning experience.

If given this opportunity, I will work hard, learn new skills, be mindful of your needs and stay on top of the support. I pride myself on ability to work well with others and I promise to deliver services to the best of my credentials.

I hope that you will find me to be a worthwhile addition to the KGSA board for the post of VP of IT position.

Sunil Merumu

Dear Friends,

My name is Sunil Merumu, I’d like to take the privilege of dedicating myself in serving you as Vice President of Information Technology. I’m confident that I’m a suitable contestant as I’m not only a technocrat but also someone who can bring in something new to the table and who can push hard to rise above in any way possible to the best of his abilities. This role demands time, effort, enthusiasm and most of all the ability to lead. I believe that I possess all these qualities.

My vision is to bridge the gap between KGSA and students of Krannert School of Management by making Krannert Life an interactive platform. I believe that with feedback from our community and my past experience in developing smarter solutions I will be able to successfully achieve my vision. As a board member, with my leadership and team working experiences I am confident that I will be instrumental in collaborating with other board members to achieve the goals set forth for KGSA.

I would love to take this opportunity and do whatever it takes to make Krannert a better place. I’m looking forward for your support to serve and lead change.

Thank you all for your time, and I encourage all of you to exercise your right to vote.

Vice President of Internal Finance

Iradj “Rod” Farahmand II

Dear Krannert friends,

Hello again my name is Iradj “Rod” Farahmand II. I’m running to express my continued interest in serving you as the VP of Internal Finance for KGSA. I’ve took many measures over the past year as a first year representative of KGSA to ensure that all related functions operated smoothly in regards to internal finance. This is a position that I know very well and have had first hand experience in performing.

It is my intention to continue the fine work that our current VPs have bestowed upon me thus far in addition to the many challenges that are required of this position in the future. I look forward to a fruitful next year in service with you support.

Thank you and Vote for Rod!

Vice President of International Affairs

Gopalakrishnan Vaikuntam

Hi, I’m Gopal.

I come from a country that was influenced by many cultures and people from different areas throughout its history. I imagine this is how Krannert will be looked upon sometime in the future. The fact that there is a huge contingency of internationals is a boon to both the school and the students themselves.

I wish I could do a little bit more to extend this organic influence into something positive. This is why I want to be considered for the post of VP of International Affairs. I strongly believe that the current schedule leaves little time for people to get to know each other and their cultures. The immense success of the Culture-fest and the Lunch Partners event is a testimony to the involvement and the enthusiasm of all participants. I hope we can extend this into more such events as there is very little time for personal interaction and cultural exploration once we get into a professional setting.

I would like to start a couple new events to help strengthen the existing ecosystem. Of the top of my head, game nights, trivia nights and international movie screenings seem like something we could use to de-stress ourselves once in a while. I’m sure there are many other ideas just waiting to be heard and put in place.

I would love to work with the KPDC office in the capacity of VP of international affairs and try to create some lasting traditions, much like the current traditions.

Kanako Tone

I am Kanako Tone, and I would love to serve as VP of International Affairs in the KGSA board. I am confident that I am the best fit for this position with my unique expertise and past experiences, and my passion and openness to change.

If I were chosen for VP of International Affairs, I promise to put tireless effort into:

1. Improving the on-boarding process for international students.
My professional experience in international recruiting built the expertise to form the efficient and international-friendly on-boarding process. It is valuable to improve the current process to create continuity between international student orientation and Krannert Launch.

2. Enhancing learning opportunities from both a cultural and business perspective.
In addition to bringing my experience as a core committee member for Culture Fest, I would love to increase chances to encounter these opportunities at Krannert. Moreover, events with distinguished speakers outside of the US would be beneficial to open your eyes to new opportunities.

3. Strengtheningthe Krannert brand internationally.
A strong school brand is crucial to acquire talented prospective students and attract companies. My interpersonal skills as well as my expertise in recruiting are ideal to achieve this objective.

My huge but simple motivation is to help others. It drives me to be more creative and energetic. I am eager to hear and discuss your ideas, and achieve your vision with zeal and full commitment. I will be honored to be your resource.

Let’s make our place better together!

Lauren Young

My fellow classmates,

I desire to be your Vice President of International Affairs. Over the last several years I have developed and interest and for cultural diversity and learning and cultural traditions. It would be my privilege to help others share my passion of learning about cultural diversity, and it would be an honor to be your Vice President of International Affairs.

Thorough the year I have already expressed my love for cultural traditions and Krannert by planning events such as pumpkin carving, ice skating, and the decorating Gingerbread Houses. These activities have allowed for students and staff to learn about and share in these traditions alone. My hope is with this position I will be able to expand these events to other cultures, students and even alumni.

If elected I would not only continue the programming, such as the Culture Fest and the Lunch Partners, but also expand to include monthly cultural activities. I pledge to organize events that will celebrate and teach us about the key holidays in each our respective cultures, such as Diwali, Chinese New Years, Holi, Passover, to name a few.

Let’s celebrate our diversity and learn new cultural traditions together.

TingYang Lin

My dear friends,

This is Ting again and now I am running to be your Vice President of International Affairs.

Personally I feel that the Vice President of International Affairs is best represented by someone with a diverse social and cultural experience. He will need to know various characteristics of different countries and cultures while at the same time be mindful of any taboos. Furthermore, shouldering the important role to bridge this diverse group of boilermakers, he will need to be an easy-going person who is able to communicate well with others, and most importantly, a good listener who takes in critical voices from our fellow mates.

I have what it takes to become your VP of International Affairs. Having lived in various countries, I am an individual of diversity, both socially and culturally. Furthermore, I have some plans in mind waiting to be implemented to enhance interaction among students:

1) Weekly video game session

2) Singing session (to be added in Culture Festival)

3) Bowling session

I continue to seek opportunities to serve because I have received so much help from many second years during last semester. They taught me that we are talented boilermakers who, like family, look out for each other and are bonded tightly. I want to continue this tradition to the first year students next year. I believe this position is what will allow me to achieve this.

Thank you for your consideration!

(Video clipped due to technical failure)

Vice President of Professional and Organizational Development

Ellen Coates

My name is Ellen Coates, and I am an MBA student intending to run for the position of Vice President of Professional and Organizational Development. With your consideration, I trust that you will be able to see my vision and qualifications for this position.

I see this role as an opportunity to connect students with the exceptional resources of our Krannert Professional Development Center. Fortunately, all of us have had positive experiences with the KPDC during our time at Krannert. The KPDC has done a great job at preparing us for our future careers. They truly have all of our best interests in mind in everything they do.

As many of you know, I have been a Graduate Assistant at the KPDC since August. I have been able to work with the KPDC extensively, and I understand how the office operates. I would serve as an excellent liaison for the Masters’ students, because I already have relationships with all of our staff members. I am currently assisting the staff in planning the Krannert Graduate Career Fair, and I continuously provide them with student perspectives. Additionally, I am also very passionate about helping others. I have recently started working in the undergraduate KPDC, where I help undergraduates with their interview skills and resume development. Professional development is an area where I have always had great interest, and I would do my best to represent the whole class in this role.

Vikram Chauhan
Vikram Chauhan
MBA 2013 Strategy/MIS


MBA Class of 2013. Technology freak, amateur golfer, aspiring entrepreneur and loyal boilermaker.