Latin America in the Krannert CultureFest 2012

December 5, 2012

The KHMA Board  wants to thank everybody who worked really hard in Latin America’s participation on the Krannert CultureFest 2012.

In our booth, camera & logistics:

Diane González, Diego Casanova, Julio Tay and Ivan Banchs.

In our performances (in order of appearance):

Notredame Hunchback: Stefano Cassela, Allan and Danielle

Por Una Cabeza: Sasha Milner

Dancing: Marielisa Rodriguez, Javier Aguirre, Diana Lewis, Zenita Subba, Pan Pan, Corina Pérez-Hernáiz, Miguel González-Capiello, Ismael Granadillo and Ana Romero. And a very special THANK YOU to our choreographer Eddie Nuñez!!

We really appreciate all your effort to making everything a success!!

In the playlist above you can check our booth and all our performances! Enjoy!