Students Trash Rawls Hall (for a Good Cause)

November 29, 2012

Walking through Rawls Hall on a normal Wednesday, you might see an occasional coffee cup or trash wrapper on the ground. Yesterday, however, was not a normal day.  Every trash can in the building was emptied in the 3rdfloor atrium, in what students are calling “Mt. Trashmore”. This messy display was created to increase student awareness of how easy it is to recycle at Purdue.

Jessica Rush, the co-president of the Purdue Chapter of Net Impact noted “More than 75% of the items placed in the trash could and should have been recycled.” By compiling and sorting the trash, students learned only 62% of plastic bottles were recycled within the last 24 hours.  Net Impact plans to remedy this situation by creating and disseminating new recycling reminders throughout Rawls hall.

Mt. Trashmore is part of a larger effort being undertaken by Net Impact to qualify Rawls Hall for Leed Certification. The group will submit their final report in April and will learn this summer if Rawls will be the first existing building on Purdue’s campus to receive this distinction.

Please remember to do you part and recycle! Take the extra few moments to sort your waste properly.

So much is recycleable! This is why it is easier to define trash.

Trash is:
•           Food waste and food containers with significant residue.
•           Snack wrappers
•           Liquids
•           Kleenex
•           Restroom paper (hand towels and toilet paper)
•           Latex gloves
•           Contaminated Lab Glass