Operations Club – Sears Holdings Corporation Visit

November 24, 2012 | By Surnaik Srivastava

Our journey to the Sears headquarters started on a sunny Friday morning. We started off at 10:30 AM EST and after few detours, we reached the Sears headquarters at Hoffman Estates, IL at 1:30 PM CST. Stepping into the Sears campus made us realize why the address line reads “Estates”. The campus was huge and at the reception we were welcomed by Heather Padget and Donald Mackay both Purdue alums.

After collecting our temporary ID cards, we were taken to a conference room where we were greeted by Mr. Norman Buchanan (DVP, home services) and yes, again Purdue alum. During the lunch we were also joined by Vishwas Bharadwaj & Raghavendra Phasalkar from Krannert School of Management, class of 2011 and 2012 and now Full-time employees at Sears. It was nice to connect with these many alums and understand how their education at Krannert helped them overcome some of the challenges faced during their work life.

Mr. Buchanan gave us an overview as to how the entire Sears business is divided into 32 business units and what are some of the operational challenges faced by the company. We had a chance to direct our questions to a panel of Sears’s employees. The Q & A session was not only informative but also gave us insights into some of the operations and optimization courses that we could opt in the future.

Getting an opportunity to visit Sears Campus and interacting with top leadership was a very good learning experience.

Nikunj Gupta
MBA- Class of 2014


Surnaik Srivastava
Surnaik Srivastava
MBA 2014 Operations, Supply Chain, Strategy


Vice President - Krannert Operation Club GA - GSCMI - DCMME GA - Doctoral Programs Office