K-Fit Health ScreeningsApr27 Rawls 3009
27-04-2015 14:04 27-04-2015 19:04 K-Fit Health Screenings K-Fit has hired a licensed health professional to conduct free screening and consultation for up to 25 paid club members! Learn your BMI, blood sugar, HDL cholesterol and more, along with simple ways to stay healthy and improve wellness. Sign at the links below! Tuesday April 28th, 3 to 6pm: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1_YM3ntiiJ7ISsNx6gUKxPk348UYor7aSw34MgIsSmvI&authuser=0 Monday April 27th, 2 to 7pm:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hU5LNhQo5gZswqMcCw3Jysl8YnbMX7-dYLkFnXiHY3E/edit?usp=sharing Cost for non-members: $30 (based on availability) Cost for first 25 K-Fit member: $10 (includes club membership next semester for free) Email David Rennard at drennard@purdue.edu for more info. Rawls 3009 false DD/MM/YYYY

End of Year BBQMay02 Happy Hollow Park
02-05-2015 15:05 02-05-2015 18:05 End of Year BBQ Come to the END OF YEAR BBQ sponsored by KGSA/KPA/KCBA/KBBA/K-Fit!   When: Saturday, May 2nd @3pm   Where: Happy Hollow Park   Enjoy Brazilian-style meat, fun and friends before finals! Families welcome. Happy Hollow Park false DD/MM/YYYY

China’s Next Chapter: Future Growth Engine. ConferenceMay09 Kellog's School of Management
09-05-2015 00:05 09-05-2015 23:05 China’s Next Chapter: Future Growth Engine. Conference On behalf of the Krannert Chinese Business Association,   We would like to extend an invitation to all Krannert Students interested in doing business in China to the Kellog's greater China Business Conference in Chicago. Please find more information in the website: http://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/conference/chinesebusiness/index.html There are limited spots available to attend the conference sponsored by KCBA, so please send your reservation ASAP to: zhao533@purdue.edu marti949@pudue.edu   Kellog's School of Management false DD/MM/YYYY

Commencement Banquet One Year MBA – Anniversary Drawing Rm ...May11
11-05-2015 17:05 11-05-2015 20:05 Commencement Banquet One Year MBA – Anniversary Drawing Rm ... false DD/MM/YYYY

Commencement Banquet MS (A), Anniversary Drawing Rm in PMUMay12
12-05-2015 17:05 12-05-2015 20:05 Commencement Banquet MS (A), Anniversary Drawing Rm in PMU false DD/MM/YYYY

Thank you @PurdueSports Coaches for sharing Lessons in Leadership from the Court and Field pic.twitter.com/unCsPi9izn

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